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Digital Interference

If a digital terrestrial picture freezes or breaks up into small boxes it can be caused by the following reasons:

What can be done?

  • Severe degrees of ghosting - realign, reposition or install a high gain aerial of the correct group.

  • Too strong a signal - install an attenuator.

  • Impulse noise - caused from electrical and mechanical devices. Check things that are located close to the television or digital receiver, such as portable telephones; computers; etc., try moving them to establish the source of interference. If they still interfere install a high gain aerial and twin screen coaxial cable in order to maintain a stronger signal level. Ensure that the digital set top box is connected first in a series of equipment when configuring it to the television.


A small red square displayed at the top right of the screen

The significance of this is that there is no signal or an extremely poor signal being received.

What can be done?

  • Check the signal quality by accessing the menu from your On digital handset or check to see the quality of analogue reception this can prove a useful indication to determine whether it is possible to receive digital signals from your existing aerial.


New channels or services missing

What can be done?

  • Check to see if you are within the required coverage area to receive all channels or multiplexes. If so access the menu from the On digital handset and select option 5 'getting started' then choose option 3 'add channels'. The On digital receiver will search and store all available channels providing an up to date channel line up. Select exit to return to normal TV viewing.

  • As the On digital services are developed it may be necessary to update the receivers operating software, this will ensure that all available and new services are successfully received. To perform an update access the menu from the On digital handset and select option 7 'technical information' then choose option 3 'auto update' and select yes to confirm. The message 'auto update' will appear on the front display of the receiver whilst this process is performed, all of which can take several minutes to complete. In the event that the receiver is operating with the latest software the message 'update error' will be displayed.

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